October 9 |  Buffalo, NY
Star 102.5 Pink Party (w/ Swichfoot) at the Statler City Grand Ballroom

October 10 |  Toronto, ON 
Adelaide Hall (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 11 |  Montreal, QB
La Vitrola (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 17 |  Albany, NY
The College of Saint Rose – Massry Center for the Arts

October 19 |  Boston, MA
The Sinclair (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 22 |  Philadelphia, PA
North Star Bar (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 23 |  Washington, D.C.
U Street Music Hall (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 24 |  Durham, NC
Motorco Music Hall (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 25 |  Clearwater, FL
Capitol Theatre (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 27 |  Atlanta, GA
The Loft @ Centerstage (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 28 |  Nashville, TN
Mercy Lounge (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 29 |  Columbus, OH
A&R Bar (w/ Jillette Johnson)

October 30 |  Portland, OR
Z100 Boolandia (w/ Ingrid Michaelson) at the Alhambra Theatre

November 1 |  Minneapolis, MN
Fine Line (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 2 |  Omaha, NE
Waiting Room (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 3 |  Kansas City, MO
Record Bar (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 5 |  Denver, CO
Bluebird Theatre (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 6 |  Fort Collins, CO
Colorado State University (w/ Jillette Johnson)
Tickets (on sale 10/19)

November 7 |  Salt Lake City, UT
The Complex (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 8 |  Anaheim, CA
1043MYfm Presents My Big Night Out at the Honda Center

November 9 |  Phoenix, AZ
Club Red (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 15 |  Vancouver, BC
Rio Theatre (w/ Jillette Johnson)

November 17 |  Boise, ID
Knitting Factory (w/ Jillette Johnson)

252 Responses to Shows

  1. Cindy Albrecht says:

    Hey girl hey, how you doing Mary? It’s Cindy from United Airlines in Lincoln,NE. I am getting my ticket tomorrow to your concert in Omaha on Nov 2nd. I am coming by myself. You told me you would give me Backstage pAsses but I only need one. I took vacation so I can let my hair down and hAve some fun. I am booking a room close to the concert. Yay me!! I am super excited to see you guys and listen to your music live. Guessing you will get back to me so I know if I get one or not? Have a great week. 😃✈️

  2. May says:

    Austin wants you! Please come!

  3. caitlynn says:

    Come to VA! Richmond! Play BABES OF CARYTOWN!!! Best lesbian bar in the city!

  4. Sara says:

    My wife and I can’t wait to see you at the Motorco in Durham! You are beautiful, amazing and such an inspiration!

  5. kelsey says:

    Come to Michigan… please… ❤

  6. gina michele says:

    please please come to the uk

  7. iigillz says:

    I just moved from Missouri!! Come to Grand Rapids, Michigan!

    • Jen webb says:

      Yes!!! Come to Grand Rapids! Lots of growing to do here, and we’re excited to keep the conversation moving. So many here would be so happy to see you!

  8. You rock Mary. Saw you in Salem, MA. You gave a wonderful and heartwarming performance! Love your lyrics and music!

  9. stefani says:

    PLEASE come back to MN with Ingrid Michaelson!!! That would be a dream concert – Lucky Oregon!!!

  10. Kristina and Sandy says:

    Illinois is waiting for you sweet lady

  11. Tiffanny says:

    Please do a show in Charlotte, NC !!!!! I would love to see you live!!! 😀

  12. lauren ingram says:

    Since you aren’t coming to New Orleans, I guess my gf and I will see you in TN! She’s so excited she cried!! We love you!!!

  13. Wanderlust&Lipstick says:

    Oh man. I really wanted to see you live so I decided to see when you were coming to San Francisco next. Yesterday. Yesterday you were in my city. I have excellent timing. *facepalm*

    Come back Mary!! We love you!

  14. Regina says:

    I can’t believe your voice. You are amazing. Don’t ever stop!

  15. Teresa says:

    You need to come to Lfest in uk next summer!!!

  16. Phil Glover says:

    Come and see your extended Glover family in San Antonio, TX. One Direction was here last night and sold out the Alamo Dome. No doubt you will too. Cuz Phil

  17. Is there a chance you will perform in New Zealand some day? Please come to us.

  18. jennstim says:

    A chance to see you perform your Amazing Music live is almost enough to make me wish I still lived in Phoenix, AZ. I’m sad that you won’t be coming to Spokane, WA. I’m hoping that you have the experience of a lifetime! =)

  19. jennstim says:

    I’m sad that you won’t be coming to Spokane, WA. A chance to hear you perform your Amazing Music live is almost enough to make me wish I still lived in Phoenix, AZ. Hope you have the experience of a lifetime!! =)

  20. Alyssia says:

    Pittsburgh is a fabulous city…and you should totally stop here and enjoy some of it’s beauty……by should I mean you HAVE TOOO!! because Ohio is too far =\

  21. LuvChelseaRose says:

    I’m so excited you’re coming to Fort Collins, CO!!! I will be there… just need the tickets to go on sale so I can get ‘er dun! Woot Woot!!

  22. lauren says:

    Please come to Michigan ❤ I love your music! Good luck Mary!

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