So Far Away (Lyric Video)

Heart on My Sleeve (Lyric Video)

Secrets Behind-the-Scenes

When You Sleep (Lyric Video)

Secrets (Official Video)

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Secrets (Lyric Video)

Get “Secrets” Now on iTunes!

Body Love

She Keeps Me Warm (Lyric Video)

Seattle Homecoming at The Showbox

She Keeps Me Warm (1 Mic 1 Take)

She Keeps Me Warm (Official Video)

Sarasvati (1 Mic 1 Take)

Auld Lang Syne/Just Got Home (1 Mic 1 Take)

Forget Me (Official Video)

I Know Girls (Bodylove)

45 Responses to Video

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  2. Bonnie A says:

    I recently saw this video of you singing a song called “I’d Be Your Wife” and I honestly need to play this every day for my wife lol However I cannot find it on iTunes. So I was wondering where I can find it to buy and download so I can be a grossly cheesy newlywed with my wife. Any help is much appreciated!! We are huge fans!!!

  3. sandra says:

    you are a great role model! I love your voice, your poetry & lyrics, and your style. I wish you success in your music career! 🙂

  4. Makaylee Jacobson says:

    Hey Mary,
    I love your music!!!

  5. my wife and I where in her seattle homecoming video wasn’t expecting to see myself:P

  6. Brandon says:

    Mary… Truly an AMAZING VOICE… THE WORDS THE TALENT THE BEAUTY … ” You are a TRUE GIFT…. Thank You for being YOU!!!!

  7. james says:

    Just amazing, A breathe in my ears, a breathe in my chest I let go when I here such amazing words and music.

  8. Barbara says:

    I am 65 years old and yet find truth and beauty in your words. I wish every girl watching the imperfect perfection of superstar size zero women would hear your words! Growing up in an era of only being as good as you looked, wrecked havoc on so many wonderful people, making us feel inadequate and unvalued if we weren’t perfect. Songs taught us to value what others thought of us rather than how we lived our lives, to “wear your hair just for him” became the mantra of my generation, causing us to stop demanding love for who we are and only expecting to be loved for how we looked. How sad, what a waste, thank god for people like you that scream out against these beliefs and teach love of oneself. It is our imperfections that make us who we are, thank you for allowing me to claim my imperfections as my beauty!

  9. Karla says:

    Oh my! As a mother of children near your age I want to give you a hug. As a lover of music, oh girl, you are so talented. Sing… the world needs to hear your songs.

  10. Andrea says:

    Please come to The Netherlands! To Utrecht, Nice town nice people, great taste for good music 🙂 Welcome!!

  11. Kathryn Roblee says:

    Thank You for sharing

  12. Sam says:

    “I Know Girls” became my mantra during a really hard time of depression and self-harm. It became my motivation, it became the sole war cry I had left to cry out as I fought back against my demons. I really do have to thank you for this piece, for reminding me that I am not defined by what my demons tell me I am. Thank you. It means so much more to me than you know.

  13. kk says:

    Wow.. man, Mary is GOOD. I want to see more.

  14. teamgloria says:

    you are one beautiful talented glorious lady 🙂


  15. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love your voice!! is there anyway you can publish the lyrics to I’d be your wife? I cannot find them anywhere for the life of me and would love to have them as my fiance and I want to walk down the aisle together to that song. ❤

  16. Hannah says:

    Thank you for your transparency, your story, your revelations, and honoring your creative spirit. You are so brave. There is a modality I have found, given I have had some similar experiences to what I read on your wiki, that is called Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal. She is based in Idaho. There is a theory from the ancients that the end of the world would not be an end heresy but rather the birth of conscious souls, a new type of evolved human, one with deep empathy, psychic premonitions, and a whistle blower to the cruelty and fear in this world. With that, these new souls are also highly sensitive people, and can be damaged quite easily with the old world way of abuse, control, toxic environments, poisonous food, and traumatization. I recommend Theta Healing. It is a process but it has been working for me! Lovingly and With Grace,

  17. Megan Catherine says:

    It is rare that I am moved in anyway while listening to music; rarer still that I feel the need to comment. As I said above, your voice is that of an Angel. Your voice is such that it could be all I ever listen to, and each and every time I do, I will…. I will get lost in your inspiration and your voice. Thank you for sharing your most wondrous and amazing talent and soul.


  18. Megan Catherine says:

    I have to say, simply, you are my favourite artist. I love how you are able to softly, sweetly and lyrically express your emotions in your voice. An absolute Angel. I long to hear more.

  19. Alicia says:

    “I Know Girls” is so moving, to me.
    I feel so incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to watch you perform last night.
    Thank you.

  20. Susan Horton says:

    My brother heard your interview on CBC radio and sent me the link. I am very grateful to him as hearing you speak and sing has touched me deeply. Thank you. Can’t wait to share this when my wife gets home from work.

  21. Marcelo Hillesheim says:

    My english is not good, but I can understand very well, like your voice, that I can Feel, when a hear. Please, never stop. All we need to hear your heart talking through your voice. You’re perfect.

  22. David Hopkind says:

    Beautiful song, lovely video, happy couple

  23. Marie says:

    I am the mother of a wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!gay son…I think the lyrics that touch me the most (I am crying as I write this) are “And I couldn’t change even if…….” Why, why, why should you??? Hetero marriage isn’t exactly the greatest example in the world to follow; would I choose this for my son?? No. Because of what you brave souls have to go through. Not because I don’t admire, respect and love you all. Please don’t ever stop being yourselves. There are people who will always love you for that, even though sometimes they seem far away, I am not. Thank you for this wonderful song and the love you send to everyone else. Also read your article about the body. Well I am a size 10-12 and still feel fat!! When will this ever end???? Love you, Marie

  24. Jennuwin says:

    Agreed with Pam W 100%!

  25. fit40sblog says:

    I am, as of now, a big fan. You are brilliant.

  26. Gerard says:

    Your so Amazing!! You were the STAR at the VMA’s I love your new video and reprise!! Love is Patient and Love is Kind!!

  27. Russ Pluss says:

    Amazing and so Totally Heartfelt.

  28. Jenny casey says:

    Your words touch deep into the soul. My tears flow freely at their beauty. Thank you for sharing your soul.

  29. Justine says:

    You’re awesome. Can’t wait to hear more from you! Hope to see you in Montreal too!

  30. Carolyn says:

    Absolutely beautiful and I love your music too! It’s so honest and heartfelt. Thank you for your honesty and giving me the honor of listening to such a wonderful voice in which you deliver the essence of a love story!

  31. chris says:


  32. Pam Werner says:

    After the VMA’s I had your name. Had to look you up because I loved your voice and the words in the bridge of Macklemore’s song. What a great surprise to find that you have a whole song for “She Keeps Me Warm”. So beautiful. It has a luxurious feel that makes one feel warm as they listen to it. Look forward to hearing more of your music.

  33. Janis says:

    Sigh. I just watched your “She Keeps Me Warm” video. So sweet. Pure love. It reminds me of me and my wife. ❤ Beautiful voice. Keep singing.

  34. Eric says:

    I’m in total awe, of u. Beautiful. Loving the def poetry.

  35. Ken Monroe says:

    Amazing I can not wait to hear more from you.

  36. k. brown says:

    Amazing. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. Keep singing, girl. Share that voice and vision!

  37. kimdelacykim says:

    is that bryn from wishbeard on your cover photo?!

  38. Medeja says:

    I love you so much. Your voice is so powerfull and i cry everytime i listen to you sing. I love you and all the things that you do.

  39. Elle says:

    You are so beautiful and inspiring. You don’t glide over the pain, instead you make it beautiful. And it is.

  40. Brooklyn says:

    New York loves you Mary

  41. Mary Lambert is awesome! Love every song! Touching, powerful, so real. Simple, sweet and deep! Encore! More, more…

  42. dee pryor says:

    you are my new favorite , love your voice …love you . cant wait for more!!!!

  43. You’re fantastic!

  44. Jennifer says:

    You’re fantastic. Simply put. Thank you for sharing your heart. It helps me share mine.

  45. Crystal Gonzales says:

    You have such a beautiful voice. There is a depth of feeling in your sound that compels me to hear more. Thank you for honing your skill for the world to enjoy 🙂

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