This is my webstore where you can order my collection of poetry, pick up old albums, or buy scarves to cry into.
CLICK HERE to pre-order signed copies of ‘Heart On My Sleeve” and vinyl.



My poetry collection is called “500 tips for fat girls.” Just so we’re clear: this is not a self-help book. No one should ever buy a self-help book from me because it would consist of drinking 5 margaritas in a row and trying to make top ramen in my small kitchen. Embarrassing.

My EP, “letters don’t talk”, $10

My debut EP is called “Letters Don’t Talk”. It was released in August of 2012. I think it’s really good, but I also like line dancing and watching C-span, so you should probably listen to a preview here, just to be safe.

In the webstore, I also have scarves, posters, and T-shirts for sale. You can cry into all of these items. I do.

21 Responses to Merch

  1. Aaron Chernov says:

    How would I go about purchasing 2 tickets to your show at Club Red In Mesa Arizona on Nov. 9 ?

  2. Andimia says:

    Are you going to do any vinyl releases?

  3. Doreen Minutella says:

    I seen you sing for the first time on the Grammys and I just love your voice. I googled you to see if you would be coming to my area (NJ). I seen you were coming to NY so I got two VIP tickets. One of my friends said “You can’t go to that your not gay” Well that was the dumbest thing I ever heard her say. Anyway I’ll be there and having the best time, I can’t wait. it’s going to be so much fun!!
    Doreen (not gay but happy does that count) LOL 🙂

  4. Emma says:

    My boyfriend bought me your poetry collection for my birthday- best present ever.

  5. Jarrin Rittenhouse says:

    Your music is amazing. Your an amazing inspiring person!

  6. Kizza says:

    I have only just discovered you, Body Love spoke to me, you are a truely amazing lady and i am glad that i have discovered you

  7. Melissa says:

    Our Granddaughter recently came out to us. I am so glad that she is coming out into a world where she can hear “Same Love” on the radio. When I came out it was into the fear and rage of the AIDS crisis (Yeah, my extended family was of the “AIDS is a gift from God” variety.).

    She’s just fourteen and has the whole freaking enchilada of issues; drinking, body image, cutting, aaaannnd coming out.

    So thanks girl.
    You are hella brave and beautiful and funny, as poets often are.

  8. cathy says:

    If there were more people like you who teach others EXPECALY young people how to love and respect themselves this world would be a beautiful place!!

  9. Deb M says:

    I am so inspired by you! You give me hope.

  10. Nicki says:

    First off, when I read the discription for your book I laughed so loud strangers stared.. Margaritas and top ramen! In a tiny kitchen none the less. Priceless!
    And as kitsche’ as it may sound can we get some shirts. I’m just saying my makeshifts are amazing and all the rage but an official Mary lambert shirt would be suuwwwweeeettt! And who knows… Maybe I’ll offer to fend off the embarrassment of top ramen when we have margaritas upon your inauguration to Texas tequila! 🙂 please come for a visit.

  11. Raven Lynch says:

    You are the most beautiful person in the universe. Your soul shines through and glows with pain and anguish and strength. Your words wrap around me and cradle me, ensuring me that I am not alone. I am speechless. As I listen to your words my tears flow like rivers and a strange sort of peace arises and I know…that things are going to be ok.

  12. Please Mary please develop merchandise with your ” I am not crying on Sundays” line. (Maybe you did and I am not smart enough to find it yet…) You are an advocate for GLBT equality for our generation. Thank God for you! I am so incredibly proud of you for making the stand that it is possible to be a Christian and a lesbian. (lesbian Christian/ Christian lesbian – you get it…). That has been a huge gripe of mine in this fair red state I hail from, but I am so thankful to have a supportive and peaceful church family to offset the larger banter. Bless you sister – because I am not crying on Sundays either! Oh oh oh and the video is simply beautiful; tasteful, gentle love.

  13. AlohaFromTheIslands says:

    I totally agree with Krista! We have never met, but you are
    Truly an inspiration. You have absolutley helped me get through the toughest chapters of my own book of life. I am a recovering addict (10 months clean, woot woot!), I have been bisexual my entire life. The only serious relationship with a man I have ever had, led me into an incredible marriage with him. He doesn’t understand my sexuality, but I love him dearly. I have found my soul mate. I have always struggled with self image…I’m bawling like a baby right now, I’m just beside myself thinking of how incredible your message is – so I will wrap it up and just say THANK YOU!

  14. Gracie says:

    You’re the Best!! You were amazing at the VMAs. And your page is even more impressive as well as on Facebook. You’re so Special, an Earth Angel. Bless your heart. Thank you for sharing your light. This world needs you. 🙂

  15. Krista says:

    You are truly amazing, you’re songs always move me to tears, and help me love myself dispite of what others feel of my sexuality and self image. Even though you don’t know me you’ve helped so much, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you luck in life and continue to be wonderful, dear.

  16. Destiny Atkinson says:

    You inspire my song writing i love you your amazing

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